episode 23 (jj)


In this episode, Brett grapples with the tyranny of podcast statistics. PLUS! Exalted Light Being XJ7 has a meeting with the Consultants, and we take a look at "Stevie Trevino's Heckler Takedown Highlight Reel!" With special guest Thomas Bridgman.


In this episode, Nigel Stitz of the Thrifty Nickel World News Update looks into an unlikely interspecies friendship on a local farm, and John Fong of Local Weekend Evening Tonight profiles a man who's had his eyes replaced with a puppy's eyes. Plus: Helicopter Rock! With guest voices Owen Straw and Thomas Bridgeman.

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Tristan Devin.


In this episode, Nigel Stitz interviews modern day explorer Dr. Samuel R.S. Pepperbush, and we visit a very unique episode of "My Crazy Addiction." With special guest Owen Straw and original music by Jesse Case.


In this episode, the Hype Man Generator returns to Ham Radio Studios to share his new attitude, and Nigel Stitz of the Thrifty Nickel World News Update interviews a 12-year-old Republican prodigy.


Brett now has a monthly humor column in City Arts magazine, and he's been writing about Seattle comedy for their website. Check it all out here.

In this episode, we visit AM 570's "Hoop Talk! with Mario and The Schooner" and observe a pissing contest between a pair of diehard Ham Radio fans. With special guests Owen Straw, Tristan Devin, and a cameo appearance by Hari Kondabolu.


In this episode, the listener is taken on a guided meditation into the empty lavender field, and Brett takes some live calls via Skype. Also: we check in on AM 570 Talk Radio's daytime programming, including a trip to the 3rd Annual British Competitive Doddering Regionals. With special guests Travis Vogt and Kevin Clarke. Plus! Rockin' new theme song by Eric Lincoln Hurst.


A full length episode of Judge Rick's Courtroom! PLUS: special live edition of "Is Jesse Famous Yet?" WITH: guests voices Owen Straw and Anthony Robinson.


Brett and Jesse recently did a Q&A for The Stranger, see it here

In this episode, Brett listens to his inner voice, which gives him some words of encouragement. Also: a number of sketches. With special guests Kevin Clarke and Travis Vogt.


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